Bulwark Green Pest Control – Featured in Wall Street Journal

A local Atlanta pest control company, Bulwark Exterminating, is featured in today’s Wall Street Journal – Natural Pest Control – Death by Mint Oil. Real cute, “pests die of more natural causes.”  WSJ wanted to know about Bulwark’s green pest control service. Bulwark was one of the first to step out into a green low impact environmentally conscience service featuring the EcoSmart line of pest control products. Bulwark has offered a greener service for over ten years now. EcoSmart provides EPA exempt products made of all natural ingredients, such as tree oils and other botanicals. Above and beyond just offering a green pest control service, Bulwark offers an all natural pest control solution here in Atlanta.

Here is what a Bulwark customer told Wall Street Journal about Bulwark’s all natural service:

“I’ve seen no excess insects since switching,” 39-year-old Ms. Kidd says, “and I’ve got bugs in the yard around my chicken coop, but not on my patio or in my house.”

Bulwark has always offered a green pest control service. Bulwark now offers an all natural pest control service.

To get more of the story on the Green Pest Control report done by the Wall Street Journal “The All Natural pest control” click here.

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