Atlanta Cockroach Control

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Atlanta’s Role in Cockroach Control

The City of Atlanta, GA annually paints the inside of some 10,000 plus manholes with a latex based insecticide, all with the intent of eliminating disease carrying cockroaches. The paint is guaranteed to control roaches for two years and is more cost effective than the old method of dusting manholes with a non-toxic Boron-based powder. The new latex paint allows the City of Atlanta to do the painting once every two years.

By drastically reducing the cockroach population in the sanitary sewer system, Atlanta’s cockroach control problem has had an impact on the roaches that live and breed on private property as well.

However, the City of Atlanta is only responsible for the public sewers. It’s up to individuals to treat their own houses, businesses, storage sheds, mailboxes, and other areas that cockroaches like to hide.

Atlanta Citizen’s Role in Cockroach Control

  • Don’t leave food uncovered. This includes pet food—roaches love Fido’s food too.
  • Pick up clutter—don’t give the pests a place to run for cover.
  • Spread bay leaves in your kitchen cabinets. Bay leaves will drive them out.
  • Keep drains covered—roaches love to use drains as watering holes.
  • Keep windows and doors closed.
  • Check boxes for bugs before bringing them in from storage.
  • Treat cracks and crevices with boric acid on a regular basis
  • Call a pest control professional

A Pest Control Professional’s Role in Cockroach Control

If you have a roach problem, and the above steps seem to be too much to add to your already full plate, contact an Atlant pest control professional today. Pest control professionals have several different means to treat your home or property in cases of roach infestations. Most guarantee their work, and it is their job to ensure you spend the rest of this year roach free!

Atlanta Pest Control

Bulwark Exterminating
5221 Palmero Court #105
Buford, GA 30518
(770) 904-4141

MosquitoNix Atlanta
433 Bishop Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 872-5770

Orkin Pest & Termite Control
1935 Cliff Valley Way NE #118
Atlanta, GA 30329
(866) 713-9979

2 thoughts on “Atlanta Cockroach Control

  1. Jim Lawrence

    I manufacture Insecta. Insecta is a latex based insecticidal paint that is applied to sewer manholes and it kills roaches for 2 full years. Insecta is US EPA approved and has been used since 1984.

    Who can I speak with about Atlanta’s manhole roach control program as the website says there are currently over 10,000 manholes being treated for cockroaches now?

    Jim Lawrence

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