The Top 5 Reasons You Need Pest Control


Roach (Photo credit: Are W)

5. The Previous Owners Just Won’t Move Out

Has this happened to you? You’ve just bought a house and are getting ready to make a home. You start carrying boxes down to the basement and find that a large family of rats has already laid their claim. They look at you with their beady black eyes and you know it’s them or you. Don’t want to get your hands dirty making them move on? Then you need to get some Denver pest control.

4. There Are More Occupants When The Lights Are Out

It’s the middle of the night and you wake up with a serious case of the munchies. You go to the kitchen, turn on the lights, and you see a legion of the most unwelcome guests in nature making a break for the nearest hidden crack in the floor. Roaches; you need them gone.

Now, you can buy some worthless cockroach traps that never work, or you can get some professional Denver pest control. It’s your choice. Don’t let them ruin your midnight feasting ever again.

3. That Wooden Fence Just Isn’t As Strong As It Used To Be

I remember when I was playing once in my family’s yard in Littleton, Co. The sun was out, the grass was fresh and I was running around with our German shepherd, Buster. When I needed to catch my breath, I sat against the fence and heard a loud crack as I put my weight against it and fell through the fence. Was I really that fat? No, it was termites. Our fence was infested with a blight of wood eaters. After that incident my parents had a Denver pest control company on speed dial.

2. The Cupboards Are Occupied By A Relentless Force of Sugar Thieves

Have you ever fought a losing battle against a relentless force that outnumbered you? No? I have. I moved into an apartment and everything was great, until one day I came home and everywhere I looked, my gaze was greeted by a mass of tiny black bodies, ravishing my food and taking it to their colonies hidden in my floor. Ants. They acted like they owned the place. It got so bad that I kept nearly all of my food in the fridge. I tried to fight them with traps and poisons, but I was vastly outnumbered. Instead of getting Denver pest control, I chose to fight a losing battle. I still have flashbacks.

1.  You’re Allergic To Nature’s Rat Catcher

Cats. Love them, or hate them, they’re pretty much here to stay. However, not everyone can use nature’s lovable little hunters to keep their homes clean, and sometimes there’s just too much for a cat to do. How do you handle this problem? No, not dogs. They’ve got their good points, but dogs are pretty much useless for taking out rats and other vermin. Get your cat some help and bring in some Denver pest control.

By Andrew Whittaker

Andrew graduated from Utah Valley University in December of 2010 with a Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing. He writes blog posts about pests and how to deal with them. When not writing blog posts, he enjoys writing fantasy and science fiction.

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