How To Deal With A Bed-Bug-Infested Mattress

How To Deal With A Bed-Bug-Infested Mattress

We need to have a good night’s sleep. But this is almost impossible if your mattress is packed with bed bugs. No, you actually won’t feel uncomfortable right after getting bitten. But you’ll feel itchy a day or two after. If your mattress is ridden with the bugs, this means that the minute bloodsuckers will feast on your blood each night. So, you might not get any respite from the itch and overall discomfort until you take care of the problem.

Getting rid of bed bugs on or inside a mattress is more difficult than removing bed bugs from clothing. With clothing and bedding, for instance, you can put these in the laundry. Wash and then place in the dryer for 30 to 40 minutes with the heat at the highest possible setting. This will get rid of the live bugs and even the eggs. What about your mattress? Here are some tips that you can try out.

1. Vacuum. When you notice bugs crawling near or on your bed, one of the things that you can do is vacuum the entire area. The machine will suck up the tiny bugs, especially those that are crowded beneath or on the edges of your mattress. Dispose of the dust bag outdoors and seal it properly to keep the bugs from escaping.

2. Apply heat on the mattress. If you have a steam machine, use this to kill the bed bugs. Make sure that you steam the entire surface of the mattress, including the bottom part and the sides. If you don’t have a machine, you can call a reliable pest control company that specializes in bed bug heat elimination. They have the equipment to treat entire rooms or houses using steam, and the entire procedure only takes a day or even less. So, you won’t get too hassled and this won’t leave any toxic residues as well.

3. Seal the mattress in plastic. Be sure to wrap it nice and tight. Check if there are tiny holes that will allow air in because this will make the method ineffective as the bugs can readily survive with even the smallest amount of air. The affected mattress must be sealed for at least a year since bed bugs can survive without feeding for more than six months. So, you might need a new mattress while the old one is being treated. But before you go ahead and buy a new one, have a bed bug exterminator check your entire house. You wouldn’t want your latest mattress to become another bed bug haven, right?

4. Have your mattress treated by professionals. There are companies that specialize in treating bed-bug-laden mattresses. Ask the pest control company in your area if they perform these kinds of treatments. If not, see if they know of someone who does or go online for contact details.

5. It’s always better to hire the services of a dependable pest control team. Experts have the skills, know-how and the equipment to deal with your bed bug problems at home. Moreover, they can do a thorough cleaning, as well as carry out preventive measures, so that your house will stay bed-bug-free.


Claire Pritchard is a freelancer who regularly blogs about bed bugs in Los Angeles. Her personal site is filled with her rants about these bugs and how to get rid of them.

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