Valentine’s Day Roaches- A Bad Idea

Valentine's day.

Valentine’s day. (Photo credit: MalinStrandvall)

Valentine’s Day Roaches- A Bad Idea

This Valentine’s Day, you better pull out all the stops to impress your significant other. There’s no excuse this year! Show her just how much she is loved.

Get her some beautiful red roses, a box of decadent chocolates, and take her out to a nice restaurant. Bring your date back to your candlelit place and have some romantic music playing. Have some champagne on ice; to go along with your strawberries.

After you pull out all the stops, make sure your overtures are not nullified by a disgusting cockroach. I know pest control is not all that romantic, but a cockroach encounter will pull the romance out of an otherwise perfect evening.

Take A Look:


The cooler Georgia months, like February, draw cockroaches inside. These disease ridden pests enter, looking for shelter from the cold weather. Cockroaches are scavengers that feed on decaying organic material, and are particularly fond of rotten food. They have even been known to eat fingernails, human hair, and dog droppings. Roaches are most commonly found in kitchens, basements, and the crevices of porches; but a few can find their way into your bathtub.

CBS Anchor Gives Bulwark Some Valentine’s Day Love

JaQuitta Williams of CBS Atlanta sent Bulwark Exterminating an email, thanking the company for the flowers that were sent to her as a Valentine. She even saw the above Valentine’s roach video, and said it to be “cute.”

What were your thoughts on the video?


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