Atlanta Yellow Jackets Exposed

English: a yellow jacket wasp

English: a yellow jacket wasp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you live in Atlanta, and hear the word yellow jackets, you probably think of Georgia Tech. While the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets garner much of the cities’ attention, there is another type of yellow jacket that require admiration… The stinging yellow jacket wasp!

The Yellow Jacket Wasp

The yellow jacket is sometimes mistaken for a bee, because of it’s black and yellow coloring. Like bees, yellow jackets can unleash very painful stings. Yellow jackets can sting a victim repeatedly with their lance-like barbed stinger. Stings can result in death if a victim suffers from insect allergies. Such cases are rare.

Foraging yellow jacket wasps hunt for their food; and these are the wasps most of us see buzzing around. They will eat almost anything with protein or sugar in it but preferences range from meats to ripe, decaying fruits, human garbage, and soda.

The Nest Of A Yellow Jacket

Yellow jackets can build their nests almost anywhere, but they favor the fortification of man-made structures. Yellow jacket nests can be found between walls, underneath flooring, in the eaves of houses, inside an attic, and underneath a porch or deck. They are also commonly found in trees, bushes, shrubs, and abandoned animal burrows. A fertilized yellow jacket queen will take shelter in these protected areas during the winter months, and build begin building a new nest and laying eggs when the weather warms.

Spring is here, and yellow jacket nests are small and manageable. If a yellow jacket nest is left untreated all summer, a 5,000 wasp colony can be the result. If you are seeing a few yellow jackets now, take action before the problem escalates.

Pest Control For Yellow Jackets

Unfortunately, homeowners rarely take action against yellow jackets until they are stung or when one of their loved ones is stung. Don’t make this mistake. If you are seeing yellow jackets buzzing around your home’s garbage cans; or are frequently seeing them near hummingbird feeders or picnic areas in your yard; you likely have a nest nearby.

In order to eliminate the yellow jackets near your home, you first need to find out where their nest is. Open a can of soda or tuna flavored cat food and place it near where you are seeing the pests. The wasps will soon find the bait and you can then follow them back to their nest. Now that you have located a yellow jacket nest, it can be treated.

Treating a yellow jacket nest is best left to a pest control professional. Attempts to tackle the problem on your own can leave you with numerous very painful stings. If you are attempting to treat the nest on your own, be very careful. Be safe. Drill a hole inside the nest and spray a quick-freeze aerosol pesticide inside the hole. Next, dust the hive with a pesticide powder. Repeat if necessary. Wait a week or so for the yellow jackets to die, and then remove the nest so it will not be inhabited in the future.

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