Atlanta Millipede Infestations Common


 If you are a home or property owner in the Atlanta, GA area, you’ve likely come across multiple millipedes. These leggy insects are actually quite common in moist and humid areas like Georgia. They have become so common in fact, that Atlanta pest control professionals have seen a significant increase in millipede related calls. So what exactly are these squirming insects? Are millipedes dangerous? Are they even considered pests? How do you get rid of them? Here’s what you need to know: 

What Are Millipedes?

They’re creepy. They’re crawly. They’re leggy… 

They are millipedes, and they can grow over 200 pairs of legs and reach lengths of more than four inches. They may be showing up around your Atlanta property very soon. 

The millipedes that are commonly found in Georgia are black or brown. When disturbed, they will curl up into a ‘C’ shape, much like a pill bug might do. They prefer cool, damp places, like moist soil. They are frequently found under wood piles, rocks, and other debris. Millipedes feed on decaying material and plant matter. They can live as long as 10 years. 

Are Millipedes Dangerous?


The millipedes found in areas of Atlanta and Georgia are not dangerous to humans. They do however; give off a repulsive smelling discharge made up of a combination of irritating chemicals. This discharge can cause skin rashes, and may be toxic to small animals. Millipedes will lose body fluids as they die, causing staining on indoor surfaces. 

Do Millipedes Invade The Home?

Yes, millipedes can invade your home. They can live indoors in crawl spaces and basements; or wherever moisture is present. 

If you are seeing millipedes inside your Atlanta area home, do not panic. If these pests are not yet dead, they will be soon. Millipedes cannot survive very well indoors… They simply dry out. Like I mentioned before, millipedes prefer the moist outdoor conditions in the soil; and are most commonly found under rocks or debris. 

In dealing with millipedes inside your home, whether dead or alive, a vacuum with a hose attachment is your new best friend. Suck up those millipedes. If your vacuum is of the wet-vac variety, leave a solution of water in bleach in the vacuum. The millipedes will be sucked into a solution that will not only kill the creepy crawlies, but also disinfect them. 

Are Millipedes Pests?

Millipedes are pests! 

They can attack the stems and roots of healthy plants and trees, causing permanent property damage. This can be a result of millipede dehydration; something that is common during the long, hot Atlanta summers. These millipedes attack healthy plants to get water. 

Millipedes also feed on the sap of a plant or tree. Once a millipede gets it is lips around some of that sweet sap, it will keep feeding… And feeding! They can also do a lot of damage to seedlings. 

While the millipedes that are commonly found in the Atlanta area are not dangerous, they can be quite an eyesore and can even be quite destructive. If left untreated, millipedes can live almost ten years. If you are seeing them on your property in great numbers, hire a pest control company who is experienced in treating millipedes. 

Atlanta Pest Control For Millipedes

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