How To Get Rid Of Wasps Safely

Unlike bees, wasps can sting a number of times; and this is why some people get anxious once they discover that there are wasp nests nearby. They feel like the creatures pose a danger to themselves and most especially to their children. This feeling of anxiety is not unfounded as there are individuals who experience severe allergies, sometimes life-threatening anaphylactic reactions, to wasp stings. For those who aren’t sensitive to insect stings, just the thought of being stung can make people quite apprehensive about having wasps around.

How to Get Rid of Wasps

You should not just attack a nest filled with wasps. You only endanger yourself by doing so. Prepare yourself for the task by properly educating yourself about these creatures. The more you know about them, the better. Here are also a few tips that you can try out.

1. Remove new nests.

Wasps usually begin building new nests at the start of spring. When you see a nest on your house or near your property, destroy this right away. It is best to do this while the wasps are still constructing their new home because this means that the nest is not yet occupied, or if it is, there will be fewer wasps as compared with an established nest. By doing so, you also discourage wasps from building a nest in that area, and they’ll be forced to look for another place.

2. Use wasp/hornet insecticides.

Aerosol insecticides can also be used to kill wasps in a nest. Purchase a can (or two if the nest is quite big) of insecticide. Make sure that this is for wasps or hornets. Read the instructions about how to use it. Generally, you need to spray a nest at night or very early in the morning when the wasps are either resting or just getting ready to start their day. You get to kill most of the wasps as they are all in their nest during these times.

Before using aerosol insecticides, take proper precautions. Be sure that there aren’t children or pets around. Wear protective clothing, such as a loose long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and a screened hat (or a beekeeper’s hat). Close doors and windows so that the wasps won’t be able to flee inside your home. Also, before you spray, make sure that you have an escape route just in case the wasps come out fighting.

Then, spray the nest, and wait. Usually, most insecticide cans instruct users to wait overnight or about twenty-four hours. This ensures that all the wasps are dead before you approach the nest. As a precaution, check the nest for activity before scraping it off with a sharp knife. Be sure to have a large plastic bag ready too so that you can just put the nest in there before throwing it in the bin.

Final Note

Wasp nest removal methods usually depend on the location of the nest. The tips mentioned above will work for nests that are on walls or surfaces. Other techniques can be used to get rid of wasp nests that are in the ground. This often involves pouring a poisonous liquid into the nest at nighttime.

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