Three Common Plumbing Problems Atlanta Citizens Encounter

Woman In Need Of Plumber It’s estimated that there are roughly 432,427 citizens living in Atlanta and if you count the surrounding suburbs, that number can easily go into the millions. These numbers are not at all surprising once you look at the benefits that come with living in Atlanta.  You get to live in a city that has an interesting and romantic history, you get to eat at some of the best restuarants and eat food prepared by famous chefs, and you get to live in a large metropolitian area that has all of the features of an urban setting, but still retains its southern charms.

The only downside to living in an urban area like Atlanta can be the plumbing problems that can occur.  Since Atlanta is an old city, a lot of city residents are running water from old and decaying pipes that are in need of serious repair.  Along with that, you also have to deal with annoying plumbing problems that can take days to fix or cost hundreds to repair.  Leaky faucets and discolored water are something that nearly every person has to deal with, but if you know how to identify common plumbing problems you can save yourself from a lot of headaches.

Clogged Showerhead

When you start to notice a change of water pressure the problem may not be with your pipes.  Even though our water is filtered it contains a lot of minerals and water that’s running through old pipes with substancial mineral build up.  All of that running mineraled water can cause a build up of minerals in your showerhead, and that build up could cause your shower head to clog.  Luckily, most home owners won’t have to worry about calling a plumber to fix this problem.  If you can remove your shower head, take time to carefully clean out the mineral deposits.  If it isn’t removable, look into purchasing a CLR solution and let the head sit in there overnight.  In the morning, your showerhead should be clean and good to go!

Running Toilet

Do you sometimes hear your toilet running water long after you’ve flushed it?  If so, it’s very likely that your toilet has a running problem.  A running toilet can cause more problems than just noise.  If your toilet is running longer than it should you could be loosing up to 200 gallons of water in a 24-hour time span.  When a toilet is running too much a defective flapper could be the cause of your problem.  Most plumbing companies in Atlanta can fix it relatively quickly and for a reasonable price.

Unheated Water

If you’re finding that it takes forever for your bath or shower water to heat up, don’t run out and find a new water heater just yet.  Mineral deposits can build up in your water heater just like they build up in your shower and if your water is being heated inconsistently it’s probably the cause of mineral deposits in your water heater.  If the build up isn’t too thick you may be able to drain your heater and clean it out on your own. However, if it’s too much you should call a plumber to handle the job.

By Randy Harris, a retired plumber who likes to write guest blogs as a hobby on the weekends.

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