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Atlanta Cricket Control

cricketAtlanta is full of fun attractions ranging from the Zoo to the Braves game. Atlanta is also home to the APEX Museum, Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the CNN Center. Each year these attractions will bring millions of visitors to Atlanta. Some of the visitors that come to Atlanta are not welcomed; they are noisy, eat your food and clothes, and will infest your home if they are not treated. These unwanted guests are crickets.

What does a cricket in Atlanta look like?

Atlanta crickets are small pests, which will be about 1 inch long. The color of a cricket will be a light tan or brown. The cricket will have very long thin antennas, and huge hind legs. The adult cricket will have wings that cover the body. Crickets will make a chirping noise with their wings and legs, and can be very annoying.

Where will I find Atlanta crickets?

Outside of the home you will find crickets by plants, in the expansion joints of concrete, and at the base of your home trying to get inside. If you see some black droppings at the base of the home that means they are inside the walls of your home. Inside your home crickets can be found in dark moist areas like the bathrooms, kitchens, and in laundry rooms.

Why are there so many crickets in Atlanta?

Crickets will infest an area very quickly. Female crickets will produce and average of 730 eggs, and they will hatch every 2 to 3 months. This will make your home, a cricket farm.

How can I rescue my home from crickets?

dead cricketWith so many crickets infesting the inside and outside of your home, it is best to call a professional. They will have the right products and baits to control the crickets at your home. A Bulwark Exterminator will have the right tech to do the job. Every Bulwark Technician is licensed by the state, and is also in house trained.

Atlanta Cricket Control

It’s important to note that crickets are the prey for many other types of pest, including the dangerous Black Widow spider. If you have crickets, they are bringing in other pests too. If you live in Atlanta, and are tired of seeing crickets in and around your home and property, it’s time to call a professional for Atlanta cricket control. Call today!

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