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Infographic: Results of the Pest Test Puzzle

One of the most explosive pest control social media pieces this last summer happened to be a word search puzzle. You’ve most likely seen it shared on Facebook. Essentially, the word search puzzle had 12 different pests hidden inside; and a few words that were not pests. Participants on Facebook were asked to comment on the word search puzzle, with the first pest that they found… And boy did they ever! To date, there have been almost 13,000 comments on the puzzle.

Now, I’m getting ahead of myself. First you need to see the word search pest test puzzle for yourself:

The Word Search Pest Test Puzzle

Wordsearch puzzle

Now that you’ve seen the word search puzzle, was the first pest that you found? Are you interested in comparing your find to everyone else who commented their find on Facebook? Check out the following infographic, as it breaks down all of the comments and lets us know exactly what pest people were finding.

Infographic: Results of the Pest Test Puzzle 

Pest Word Search Infographic

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Roach HomeThe fight against pests in your home is a year-round battle that is tough to win. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do to keep them out, pests eventually find a way into your home. However there are steps you can take to limit their access and reduce the number of pests you find.

A lot of homeowners act by calling a professional pest control service to come in and spray for pests. Although this is a recommended first step to take, the fight doesn’t stop there. Professional services can slow pests down and lower their population, but homeowners must carry out a few do-it-yourself steps if they wish to stop seeing pests altogether.

Finding & Sealing Passages

Most homeowners feel their home is tightly sealed, but it’s actually full of tiny holes that become passageways for small insects. Pests can find their way into your home through the smallest cracks imaginable so it may be impossible to make your home completely bug proof. However you can seal most cracks if you take the time to find them.

Start by examining the exterior of your home and filling any holes with caulk. This means checking under decks, steps and other places that may be hard to reach. The foundation of homes is often the site for many cracks that allow pests inside. It won’t be fun work, but it’s necessary if you want to stop seeing pests in your home.

Areas of the home notorious for cracks and holes include doors, windows, dryer vents, exhaust fans, soffits, and chimney gaps. Make sure to check these areas thoroughly before moving onto any other pest preventing steps.

sealing openingsMake Your Home Less Desirable

Pests are constantly on the move looking for a new place to call home. If they happen to stop at your home, there’s probably a reason why. Chances are high that you’ve either left cracks unfilled or your home’s surroundings are inviting them to stay.

Pests naturally need water to survive and they often look for places that have plenty of moisture. So if you’ve got pests you need to eliminate areas that might be collecting water. Walk around your property after it rains and see where water is collecting and not draining properly. Once you find these areas, see what you can do to fix them.

It’s best to have the soil slope away from the foundation so make sure this is the case with your yard. Places of heavy vegetation around the home can keep siding and soil damp so continually keep bushes and plants trimmed back. Mulch is well known for collecting moisture and it’s a great home for roaches and other bugs. If you have mulch around your foundation, make sure water is draining properly. Plumbing leaks should obviously be fixed to prevent moisture buildup.

Eliminating clutter is another way to make your home less desirable to pests. All bugs, insects and rodents look for clutter because it’s a form of protection. Remove all clutter from carports, garages, porches and other areas so pests don’t see it as an appealing home.

Taking these precautions is certainly going to make your home less inviting to pests. However it’s very important to have the assistance of a professional pest control company. You can buy powerful pest control products at the store, but it’s not the same as hiring a professional. If you want the best results, have a professional service spray every six months.

Author Bio: Jensen is a contributing writer for Heron Lawn & Pest Control.

Realizing the Value in Pest Control

Exterminator SprayingThe significance of pest control goes a lot deeper than many people realize. It’s safe to say that most of us dread the thought of ever having to use this type of service, but there are others that really never give it much thought until they absolutely have reason to. Pest control is much more than just making sure your residence is cleared of the bugs that commonly pop up here and there. Even if finding the telltale signs of insects or rodents in your home don’t necessarily concern you, there are several reasons that pest control services are necessary for a better quality of life.

Health Concerns

As a result of all the germs they carry around with them, pests have notoriously been the cause of sickness and disease in decades past. Better pest control over the years has led to a decrease in related health concerns, but we must continue to implement insect and rodent management strategies, especially in our homes, if we want to continue to prevent contamination. Many allergic reactions and asthma attacks are caused by pests that have infiltrated a home and gone undetected.

Agricultural Production

Pest control in agricultural production has always been crucial to maintaining much of our food source. Without it, there is a very real possibility that all of the plant-eating pests out there could wipe out many of the crops we rely on. A plant’s health and productivity depends heavily on the effective management of insects and the methods used to enforce it. In an effort to respect the environmental movement and the worries that many people have about the use of chemicals in agriculture, great strides have been taken to use sustainable pest control tactics.

Impact on Public Businesses

No one wants to eat in a restaurant or employ the services of a business where pests are obviously running rampant. This, again, suggests there should be cause for health concerns, especially when the contamination of food is in question. An effective pest control method must be executed immediately in a food service business. Any other type of industry or company can expect to see a decrease in client relations as well when they can’t keep up clean appearances which in turn will eventually begin to affect our economy’s growth.

Termite DamageStructural Damage

If you’re a homeowner, you should already be aware of the destruction caused every year by pests like termites, carpenter ants and rodents that will eat through a structure or chew on electrical wires and wreak all kinds of havoc. The cost of repairs can be quite hefty, and the stresses that come along with having to deal with an especially damaging situation can be prevented with regular termite and pest inspections and subsequent management procedures.

The key to living a lifestyle that doesn’t include pests is to be aware of your surroundings and take action before the threat of infestation becomes too much to handle. Whichever method you choose to use, the importance of pest control becomes evident once you become informed of just how much the lack of it would negatively impact our environment.

About the Author

Tiffany Olson is a full-time blogger from Northern California who writes regularly about home issues including pest control.  A great resource for information is Killroy Pest Control who specializes in pest control in Hayward.

Tips For Identifying Dangerous Bugs

English: Adult male brown recluse spider (Loxo...

English: Adult male brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nobody likes to find a bug in their house. There’s nothing worse than waking up to the feeling of a bug crawling in your bed. Just thinking about it is making my skin itch. No natter where you live, every homeowner should learn the steps for identifying dangerous bugs around your home and yard.

“Dangerous bug” is a broad term. It’s not just about the potentially deadly bugs, but the ones that are damaging to your health and your belongings as well. Know the difference, and how to get rid of them.

Harmful To You

Nobody wants to come face to face with a deadly bug, especially in their own home. Little critters can be crawling all around our homes every day. One of the most common bugs to find in the home is a spider.

Most spiders aren’t actually deadly; they are just creepy and crawly. You may not want them as roommates, but at least they won’t hurt you. Then there are the few, the dangerously deadly spiders that every person should be able to identify.

When first bitten by a black widow, it may not be immediately clear unless we actually see the bug, some people don’t feel a thing. More likely though, the pain of the bite is a small annoyance compared to the nausea, chills, and body pains that come with. They hide out in piles of wood or tree stumps. With a signature hourglass shape on their belly in orange, red, or yellow contrasted against a dark black body, the black widow is easy to pick out when you get close enough to it.

The brown recluse often finds its best home in attics and closets. It is identified by its color ranging from yellowish-tan to a dark brown. Its legs are always darker than the body. It is important to identify this spider, but it is possibly even more important to be able to identify their bite. You may not feel it when it first hits, but you will eventually feel as it becomes more painful every minute. Immediate medical care is imperative.

Spiders aren’t the only dangerous bugs that can be found in your home, but it’s one of the big ones. Identifying what they are can keep you safe.

Termite damage to wood

Termite damage to wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harmful To Your Belongings

Some bugs may not pose any threat to you, but can cause detrimental destruction to your belongings. This can make things not only inconvenient, but costly as well. Moths are one of those bugs that when let inside, can cause a whole lot of damage. They can easily flutter in an open window and make themselves at home. Once they lay their eggs in somewhere you don’t know about, it’s all over. Those eggs will quickly hatch into larvae and start feeding on every fabric they come in contact with. Dirty clothing is very attractive to moths. If you are storing clothes or other fabrics for a long period of time, keep them sealed in plastic bags to avoid damage.

One of the absolute worst bugs that invade your home is the termite. They consume every piece of wood they can find. Nothing inside your house is safe from the structurally necessary to your book collection; the termites will find and destroy it all. Here’s the best way to tell if you need a termite extermination:

  • Look for damage from the walls to the furniture
  • If you are missing a complete anthology of encyclopedias, or have large chunks missing out of books, you may have a termite problem
  • During the spring you will find piles of wings or even dead termite bodies
  • Any small tunnel on an exposed section of wood should be a suspicious sign of termites

Termites can be detrimental to your home, be aware of the signs and how to avoid them. Every section of wood is in danger around termites.

Bugs can be good, but they can also be dangerous, not only to you and your health, but to your home as well. Learn how to identify the worst bugs, and then quickly avoid them.

By Cassie Costner

Cassie has been learning the techniques for identifying dangerous bugs for years. She has written on the best ways to execute termite extermination. She also writes on pests in the animal world, and how to avoid them.

Atlanta Termite Control

Coptotermes formosanus shiraki; Formosan subte...

Atlanta Termites

Termites are one of the most common, and one of the most destructive pests found in Atlanta, GA. Their nests, which are made up of tunnels, are commonly found underground or in the wood that they eat. You can find them on your property inside tree stumps, telephone poles, and in the lumber used to construct your home. Most termites eat the cellulose from wood, and wood by-products such as paper.

Types of Termites Found in Atlanta

The two most common types of termites here in Atlanta are the subterranean termite and the drywood termite. These two types of termites are biologically different from each other. It’s imperative to determine which of the two species you are seeing on your property before exterminating them, because each will react differently to insecticides. Subterranean and drywood termites range in color from a light yellow to black, with the only distinguishable difference being the number of veins in each termite’s wings.

Termite Destruction

A single colony of subterranean or drywood termites may contain several million insects. Larger colonies can forage deep underground, up to 300 feet into soil, or deep inside the structure of your home. This makes them very challenging to eliminate. Because of their capability to eat wood at a quick rate, these pests are accountable for a tremendous amount of property damage. This frequently results in extensive pest control treatments and expensive home repairs. Termites cause more damage to Atlanta homes than fires and storms combined, but are not usually covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Worker termite

Worker termite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Atlanta Termite Control

If you want to eliminate termites, finding a pest control company that has a lot of experience treating termites is essential. You should always opt for a nationwide company that has sufficient general liability insurance. Selecting a termite control professional is often times a long term commitment depending on the nature of the infestation. A commitment of this nature is only as strong as the company making it.

If you are seeing termites in or around your Atlanta home, contact a reputable pest control company today!

Atlanta Pest Control:

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MosquitoNix Atlanta
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